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Be the Match!

We are in the process of planning our own bone marrow drive at Roesland Elementary. Our  community in Roeland Park has been amazing and I thought having it at the school would be perfect!

Donating is very easy and does not hurt. It’s just a few cheek swabs! Please go to Be the Match and sign up for a FREE swab kit. It’s  so important, I can’t stress it enough!! Be the match will send you a kit with four extra-large cotton swabs. You wipe them on the inside of your cheeks and send it back. Did I mention it’s FREE? Postage paid, easy, painless. Just do it!

Our friends are hosting a bake sale this Sat from 9-12 In Roeland Park on Clark Drive!

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Macan It Happen t-shirts

I am so excited about these t-shirts, they are everywhere! Send me a pic of yourself in your new shirt so I can post it! We shipped some shirts to our friends who live in China and we can’t wait to get a pic from them and everyone else!

I should be packing BUT…. I am not I am sitting here smiling about the shirts! I got a text tonight from one of my friends who said, “I saw someone with one of Bo’s shirt on!!” YAY!!!

Thanks again everyone!


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We are Macan it Happen!

…SO Sunday. Well Sunday was amazing, emotional, inspiring, exciting, crazy, busy, beautiful…all in all it was one of the best things I have ever been a part of! I was so overwhelmed that it was all taking place for us, for my family, FOR BO!!! That is a lot to handle in one day!

When I woke up that morning I was trying so hard to keep my brain busy and to not sob all day long, I got B and B up and out the door and then Lisa and I headed over to pick Heather up.  I didn’t sleep great the night before, but if you know me that’s common. We went to the studio, got everything ready and we were just waiting for all the fun to begin.  Kristi (who, by the way, had driven all day the day before) came home from vacation came and spent the entire day with us to help with the ordering. THANK YOU KRISTI, I am honored to call you my friend!  My sister Lisa was there, thank God, she did all the dirty work, like trying to get people to smile and stuff. I had a lump in my throat all day so it was not my day to make people smile!

A special thank you to Amanda and Brian who brought us lunch and my parents came by with a cooler of stuff. Thank you so much!!!

It was such an amazing thing to watch and to know these people were doing this for us. How do you begin to say thank you? Where do you start so that they know just how grateful you are.  How in the world am I lucky enough to have a friend like the AMAZING HEATHER MORROW?? Who does this for people? Well, apparently Heather!  Heather- John and I will never be able to tell you in words how very much we love and admire you thank you!!!

Leslie, and Miss Ellie





Jen and Jared



Brian and Amanda




Wylie and Rilee



Lindsay and Kimble

Chris and Lucee

Bill and Kris aka Dad and Mom aka Mamoo and Papa

Donnie, Xavier, and Kellie







Heather and I

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July 11, 2012 - 10:46 am

Maggie Westvold - Crying…beautiful…love and prayers from G&G W.

July 11, 2012 - 12:16 pm

Kristi Hess - Carolyn, it is I that is honored to call you my friend! Your strength and courage astounds me beyond all belief! There is no place I would have rather been then where I was on Sunday! I was honored to be part of such an amazing day. The spirit, love and strength of your entire family overwhelms me! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of helping your family and that sweet boy, Bo! I continue to pray for him, and all of you! Keep fighting and never lose that amazing spirit you possess!!!

July 12, 2012 - 10:56 pm

Cheryl Deterding - Totally amazing!! I’m crying so I can’t imagine what your day was like. Keeping all of you in my prayers.


I spent the evening with Heather, getting her studio ready for tomorrow! I am not sure I will make it through these mini session with dry eyes! I can’ t say it enough how amazing the out pour of support has been its crazy!  Also we are selling t-shirts like crazy I can’t believe how many people have bought one!  We have a super busy week coming up , Bo has a very bad ear infection that is going to require us to see the ENT first thing Monday, followed by the GI Dr. I hope and pray he can make it to Monday!  This is kind of how he works, most kids could get over an ear infection in a few days, Bo can NOT he has been to the Dr twice this week for it and on a VERY strong antibiotic, that he gets through his G tube so I know he is getting all of it.  I am pretty sure his tube fell out of his ear,well It had to, its draining so bad and so much!  It is sad when you can text your Dr and they will call you in Meds for your kid!! SAd BUT it’s also so amazing, the Dr we see( all of the Dr we see) at KU are unbelievable and know exactly the kid Bo is so the first signs of getting sick they are all over it.  It helps so much! Maybe Bo is Missing all of his awesome friends on the Peds floor,  if his ear does not get any better we may be paying them a visit.  We have not been in the hospital for almost 9 weeks! We love summer for that reason right their!!

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July 9, 2012 - 9:40 pm

Kelli Carr - Carolyn: FIrst of all….You have a BEAUTIFUL family! I just read through some of your Blog and how it brought tears to my eyes! Im sending love and Hugs to you and your beautiful family! Keep your head up and stay strong, my friend! If you need ANYTHING please let me know! Love ya girl!

It’s official

I never in a million years thought I would be posting this and airing it to the world, but here I go!!

The last 8 days have been crazy for us.  We are planning our big trip To Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on July 18. Trying to get everything ready has been a little stressful! All of Bo’s meds have to be refrigerated so I had to order special coolers for his growth hormone and his insulin.  We also went “public” with our story.  It may not seem like it’s a big deal but, oh boy is it.  Many people had no idea Bo is sick let alone needs a bone marrow transplant.  The support we have received has been amazing, and very overwhelming- in a good way.

This Sunday my amazing dear friend Heather Morrow is doing a fundraiser for us and I am 100% positive I will cry my eyes out most of the day!

My amazing sister-in-laws have made these t-shirts and they are selling like crazy!

It’s hard for me. How can you say thank you in a way that let people know just how very thankful you are?? It’s so crazy!

On a serious note!!! Last week we did find out that Leksi, Johnny, and Brooklynn were NOT a match. That being said, it sucks and my heart broke in a million pieces when Cincinnati called to tell us. BUT, in a little bitty place deep down, I was a little relived. If any of them were a match then they would have to be put through a procedure and it was scary for us to think another one of our kids would be going through pain. As of yesterday the people in Cincinnati are officially searching the National Bone Marrow bank!!! I never ever thought those words would come out of my mouth! So we wait and to hear what is next, not sure if we will hear anything until our appointment on the 18!

Putting our story or  “dirty laundry” out in the world has actually been pretty good, I am way more at ease with it now. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of your support and prayers. We are so blessed!

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July 7, 2012 - 5:41 am

carolyn zeller - I really hope you realize that the struggles you have faced with Bo would never be thought of as dirty laundry. The thought that letting people know about your life situation would be like saying “hi… Please feel sorry for me because of what I have to deal with”. I know that feeling but I also know that people love to help, and WANT to support you. We have been blessed by the heavens with our “special” boys. We get to experience a love that many parents are afraid to ever have to face. But we also realize that its that love that keeps us going and fighting… And living. Keep on sharing honey, we all care. Love you girl!!!

July 7, 2012 - 12:36 pm

Ridgway - Prayers go up…blessings come down! Sending positive energy, love & hope to you! (Ridgways)

July 7, 2012 - 2:10 pm

ohkell - Next up: convincing as many people as humanly possible to get on the National Registry. We can make that happen. We love you guys, we believe in Bo, and I continue to be in awe of you, sweet friend.

July 9, 2012 - 2:30 am

Amanda McCoy - Thanks for letting us share in todays event!! We are all so grateful to have been a little part of this amazing day!

July 13, 2012 - 1:03 am

Elaine Miner - As many of you know, our family is fighting this same fight. Our prayers go out to you because we truly know how hard it is. Keep up the good fight because your baby is counting on you. It is hard to go public but people do care and few people know how great the need truly is. The 10,000 people waiting for a match are real people with real families. You and your family are truly in our prayers.