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So.. I have been debating weather or not to post about this, but my good friend told me I need too. so here ya go.

Last February A person who started a non for-profit contacted me. He told me he heard about Bo, from a mutual person we both knew. So right away I knew he knew our story, he wasn’t just some random person. This has kind of happened before, so I had to make sure he was legit. I spoke with a lawyer, i spoke with the bank, i covered all of it. I had to make sure he was for real. A few days later he showed up at our house, he brought my kids gifts. He told Bo he knew all about him, how his body hurt, how he knows Bo loves to swim.How having a pool would make him want to go outside everyday, how he couldn’t wait to see Bo swim in this pool. He told all of my Kids that he was going to get them a pool to enjoy in our backyard. A few days later we go up north to pick out this pool, it was so beautiful, 24ft with the nice set of stairs, it was perfect. I had told him I could get people to help, someone was going to donate the wood,enough wood for the deck and to finish half of our yard with a privacy fence, we already have half the yard with a privacy fence, the code in our city requires a full privacy fence if you have a pool. We had all of that covered. I had all of that covered. Then a week before this all was going to happen, i get a terrible phone call, saying the man had been arrested and none of this was going to happen. To say i was devastated was an understatement, I had to tell my kids that this man was a liar and we wouldn’t be getting our pool. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. My son who rarely gets out of bed or off the couch, the only thing in this entire world that makes him happy is swimming and now we weren’t getting it. I had to go to the pool place and get this mans deposit back and take it to his family, i had to look the people in the eye and try to explain why this was happening, I had to explain to all of the people who were looking forward to helping to make this a reality why this wasn’t happening, I was embarrassed and I was crushed. I couldn’t believe that one single person could walk in to our lives and crush us all in one month. I had to explain to my kids why this person did what he did? Was he using Bo’s story to make Money? I will never know, I have never heard one single word from this man, who walked in and destroyed my faith in humanity. Then i remembered what good would it do to me or my family to be angry? How will that fix anything? Then last week I met my good friend Nancy, who reminds me that there is good in this world.

So.. If you would like to donate wood, I would love you forever, If you know how to build a deck, I will make you dinner, If you know a pool place that would be willing to help, You would Make a certain little boy very happy!!

Nancy has set up a you caring if you would like to donate!

Thanks everyone for always supporting us and SuperBO


Love C

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