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To the lady sitting next to me at the pool…

For the most part I  always try to keep my opinion to myself. I mean everyone has one and its great to have your opinion, but… there is also a time and a place to voice your opinion.   You know those people who are always throwing theirs around and it has to always be right, we all know those people.  last week Brookie and I are at the pool and I was minding my own business laying in the  zero entry, watching my daughter enjoy the sun. WE NEVER JUST HER AND I GET TO GO. SO IT WAS NICE. these 2 lovely ladies are sitting next to me.  No big deal, until I hear this one mom, started complaining about life.  I get it, I do. Until she started complaining about how she couldn’t believe she had scheduled her kids swim lessons for 9:30 am, which was right in the middle of her yoga class, that she refused to miss. then she proceeded to say how she hated summer and how her kids were out of school for as long as they are, she actually said it is ridiculous how long summer is, and it cuts into her free time. As I sat there and listened to her, I couldn’t  help but feel sorry for her. I was thinking to myself, I am pretty sure she chose to have children, why have them if this is how you feel. think about how her children would feel if they heard her talking like that. It made me sad, but then it also made me angry.  I had to remove myself from her surroundings, but not before I kindly walked our and said.  I hate to interrupt your  poor me sob story, but maybe you should be thankful for what you have, your family, your heath, Because someone I know is burying their son this week and would give anything to take him to swim lesson, I then said she would gladly miss a yoga class to spend one more day with her son. I got brookie we got in the car and I cried the whole way home. I was so angry at her, at people, at life. Why are people so selfish??  Do people really think we picked this for our kids, don’t you think in one second we would take all of the fear, hurt, pain, anxiety, the unknown away from our kids. This is what most people don’t understand.  I promise you, you will never hear me complain, about anything.  Well maybe I may complain a smidge to my hubby, but about having to go to the store, things like that.  Not about how my kids made me miss my yoga class, BELIEVE ME I would Love to go to a yoga class, but I can’t right now and that’s ok. As I sit here watching my 5 year old in the hospital as he sleeps, I try to remember I can’t let people like that get to me. If people only knew what its like, NEVER in a million years did we plan for this. never did I think my other kids would live the life of having a sick sibling, who plans for that, how do you prepare for that? you don’t, you just take one day at a time, NEVER did i think we would divide and conquer in ways that include many many hospital stays and our family and friends jumping in to help with everything.  NEVER did I think I would attend more kids funerals then adults. NEVER did I think I would have to explain death in such a way that my 14 year old can sleep knowing Bo will be with us in the morning. Can you imagine, can you even wrap your brain around that, about how My kids feel. People tend to get caught up in their own lives and forget to ask how are Leksi, JOhnny and Brooklynn doing.  NEVER can you prepare yourself for that, NEVER can I assure my Daughter Bo is going to go to high school. Its heart wrenching and its NOT fair. So… before you sit anywhere in this world and complain about the children you chose to create and vowed to take care and care for and teach, that trust you. Please think about how much worse it could be. I can promise you that lady would appreciate her life so much if she spent one day with us, with BO, She would see how my kids appreciate the little things in life, how they take in all of our little life things that we get to accomplish as a family, a Royals game that all 6 of us get to attend.  WE have NEVER been to a movie all 6 of us as a family. Those are the things people don’t understand! SO please hug your kids and try to complain less about everything!!



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