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Saying goodbye is never easy.

We have had a rough few weeks. Bo spent 10 days in the hospital, during those 10 days our beloved, spunky Bo’s great Grandma Nina, wasn’t feeling spunky either. She hasn’t felt spunky in several months, it’s very hard as a parent to try to explain to my kids why grandma Nina isn’t feeling good?!? They aren’t used to it, she plays on the floor with them, she dances with them, she let’s Brookie put make up on her. Watching this amazing women slowly slip away from us is heart wrenching, it sucks. John has so many amazing memories it’s so wonderful to hear him talk about them, he loved her so much! Nina’s 89th bday was last week July 2nd.she enjoyed cake, coffee even some mashed potatoes, she had several visitors and it was like she was pleased with that, she had her mind made up that after her bday she was tired, tired of fighting. She went to bed, and we didn’t hear her sweet voice ( or sometimes not so sweet voice again) She lived an amazing 89 years. She gave all of my kids so many memories, she was always so worried about Bo. Some days she would call me 2-4 times to check on him. We’re sad, we’re heartbroken but were also relieved, she is dancing in heaven tonight with Becky and Mike and I’m sure it’s an amazing sight to see. Please keep our family in your prayers as these next few days are going to be rough. Especially on My father in Law, who is our life saver and our rock, give him the strength to say goodbye to his beautiful mother, my husband strength and his 2 sisters to say goodbye to their grandmother and my kids to say goodbye to their amazing great grand mother. We love you Nina thank you so much for loving my children.

You can read Nina’s obituary here.




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