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A week in the life…

It has been a super rough week in the day of the life of SuperBo… Bo isn’t feeling good , which means NO, I MEAN NO sleep. He is barely eating and I am losing my mind! Bo has had a rough week, rough as in a few days of his blood sugar in the mid 40is, most of the day, even with a continuous feed, bolusing him with 4-5 ounces of juice through his tube in the middle of the night! I mean, really i think in the last 48 hours I have slept maybe 8 hours! My poor hubby who has to too get up and go to work,ugh poor thing! This is where I become a very frustrated mom, I can’t fix my baby and he won’t let me comfort him.its so frustrating as a mom,
So at 3:00am he was crying that his toes hurt?!? Of course I go into panic mode, his sugar was low, he was crying, he couldn’t get comfy, it’s the hardest part of being a mom. I mean the hardest. His toes??? Weird, I think it’s weird… How do you comfort a kid where everything Hurts it sucks, I hate it and it makes me so angry… It makes me a freaking lunatic too, I’m constantly checking his DEXCOM( his glucose meter) to make sure he isn’t too low, the past 2 days he has been in low 40’s, that’s LOW FOR HIM!! He wont eat for me or drink much, for me, if you know Bo the one thing he is, is a DRINKER(an apples juice drinker) when he won’t drink I know something is up! Please I hope this is just a fluke, we don’t get labs and IVIG until next week, I really don’t want to have to do it before, for his sake!!

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