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My how times have changed in 4 years! 4 years ago we brought 2 very sick babies into this world! At a whopping 2lbs each and 13-14 inches long! Brookie was a feisty little thing spending very little time on a vent and Cpap she was on a nasal cannula for around 3 weeks but made amazing progress daily. Today she is a big 30lbs she has finally caught up to her cousin Brody (who is 6 months younger) in height. She is doing amazing, she talks our ears off and asks millions of questions a day! She is exactly like Leksi was, she can play by herself and carry on one heck of a conversation with her baby! She is smart, beautiful and oh does she have an imagination. I would have never thought 4 years ago that this would have been possible but here we are! Bo, came in to this world sick, not breathing and purple. He was on the vent and c pap for over a month and on a nasal cannula for close to 7 weeks, he also has made huge progress but he has a long ways to go. He is finally a whopping 23lbs and one of our biggest challenges is still his weight! Just like when he was in the NICU. He clearly is a little behind, simply since he has been so sick this year! 4 years ago when we started this journey it was a life change for all of us! Seeing Leksi and Johnny as big sister and brother is by far the best part. They have been amazing though all of this not just for Bo but for Brookie too. I have to admit it melts my heart seeing them all Interact, it has taught Leksi and Johnny so much! It seems like 4 years ago is a life time ago, yet it feels like yesterday, how is that possible how does time go by so fast!? My mom always told me wait until you have kids time goes by so fast! She was so right!

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