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Birthday blues.

I can’t believe Bo and Brookie turned 3 this week,where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday when we were headed in to have a c~section to start this very crazy ride, bringing 2 very sick babies in to the world! 3 years ago today, my blood pressure was still so high I couldn’t even go in the NICU yet to see them. THe NURSES oh where do I even begin, they were my eyes and ears for many many days, they were so involved and helped me in every single way possible it was amazing, they were amazing. Now here we are 3 years later, 3 very long years. I was doing some looking around and NOT including our NICU stay, Bo has spent 249 days in the hospital since he was 9 months old!! Pretty impressive! I say these 3 years have flown by but some days it seem like they are only 3?? If I would have known I would have kept track of our Dr visits I am sure it would have been impressive too! BUT, 3 is also a good thing some people didn’t think Bo would Be here and he is, he is walking and talking( thanks to the Britain center) He laughs, despite all of his complications he is happy! Would you be? I am not sure I would!? Brooklynn is also amazing she is little miss bossy pants, I mean really! She tells Bo, and Johnny what to do all day long its really funny! To see Leksi and JOhnny be Big Sister’s and Brother has been quite amazing too. You never plan to have a baby early let alone 2, and they couldnt see B and B the whole time they were in the NICU. One of my favorite things has been to see Leksi and Johnny interact with them, knowing that this is their role model is fine with me!! It is one of the best parts of bring a parent!! Last night everyone met at our house we had chili then they were off! Bo wanted no part of the craziness so he stayed with MaMoo and Papa, Brookie and I were only out for a bit! We love our neighborhood all of Leksi and Johnny friends met here and they all trick or treat together I love it, they love it! It’s crazy, we had SO MANY tricker treaters!!! It actually makes me very sad, Leksi is 11 it could be her last year? She will be in middle school next year, who knows what middle schoolers do??:) ugh!!! Have a great week!


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