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Tubes are out…. But?

First let me start by saying!!
Clara’s Crew is having a bone marrow drive Sat from 11-2 please please if you didn’t come to Bo’s bone marrow drive please consider coming out!! It’s just a simple cheek swab!!

Manchester Park Elementary
9810 Prairie Creek Road
Lenexa, Ks 66220

Please you never know you may save a life!!!!

So Bo got his ear tubes out last Friday!! Because his body is rejecting them? Yep a first for many Dr to see! Everything went will, his sugar was low so they started him on D 5. I was a little worried about some random person accessing his port so I made sure she used the needle that the others used! Anytime someone access his port it stressed me out after the big fiasco in July, I am pretty sure the poor nurse was as nervous as me!:) but she did great and our ENT did a great job telling the staff the kind of kid Bo was!! So all weekend he did pretty well until Sunday morning, his ear was bleeding, really bleeding! I called the dr they told me what to use and with in 3 hours it we t from blood to green smelly goo coming out!! It was terrible! Of course I assume its an infection, we went to the ENT Tuesday morning where she deep suctioned all the goo out and filled it with antibiotic drops! So far so good, other then this terrible weather he has to always wear a hat since he has a hole in his ear where is tube was! He can’t get it wet for a month!!:) great!!!

Don’t forget about the Bone Marrow Drive tomorrow!! I will be their will you??


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