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People amaze me!

This post is simply going to be a bitch, complain and I am tired of stupid people session!! Stop now..if some of my language may offend you! So….. Here is my day on a good day, I wake Leksi up at 6:30, I get dressed oh wait Bo has been awake for 1-2 hours on a good day,lately he gets up at 5:30-6. I make pancakes, or waffles, or eggs or toast or bagels or cereal! Baylee and Nathan get to my house at 6:45ish everyone eats and Johnny gets up in the shower and eats at 7:15. I get Bo and Brookie dressed, help Leksi pick out her outfit for the 3rd time since the night before, I flat iron her hair she is ready! I have to check Bo blood sugar, give his 4 morning meds and start his first feed! That runs for over an hour, I bolus him and i take all 4 kids to school, but have to get 6 kids in the car! In between all of that I have to say 107 times to Johnny to brush his teeth or they will fall out, stop Bo and Nathan from fighting and pick a channel for cartoons that everyone agrees on! I take the kids to school come home, I start 1 of 9 loads of laundry because god forbid anyone use a towel twice and by the way I have to put away 6 loads of laundry first! I make my bed, trip over a car or two, Bo’s feed is beeping I have to flush his tube and take it off! I have to check his blood sugar hope its not to high from his feed! Then Bo and Brookie ( mostly Brookie) are ready for a snack, I give them a yogurt and veggies straws, forgot that I have to unload so I can load the dishwasher from all the breakfast dishes!!! So I take Bo and Brookie outside to swing for a bit, come back switch the laundry, fold the laundry and put away the laundry for 6 people! I check Bo blood sugar, and I may or may not have a highlight to do that day or I may of may not have to take Bo to his 20-40 dr spots a month or I may or may not have to take him to therapy and preschool! It is now lunch time I fix Bo feed hook him up check his sugar and start that! I make lunch, in between picking up 123 match box cars and 36 blocks and 17 Barbie clothes, 5 puzzles and 3 books! I put away another load if laundry I feed Bo and Briokie some lunch. I turn Bo feed off an hour later flush his tube take it Off and check his blood sugar!!I pray to god they want a nap!! NOPE no nap!!!! So we play outside, or go to the Dr or I do a haircut and Brookie sits on whoever lap while they are under the dryer! I check Bo blood sugar and get them a snack, like cheese stick and yogurt! Now the big kids will be home in 5 min, so I put more laundry away and I pick up more toys and wait until the 4 of them walk in! They all 4 get a snack and start homework! Bo and Brookie are fighting over a toy, I take It away and I help everyone do math( which I suck at) they all finish and they go outside until my sister gets here!! I check Bo blood sugar and play outside for a bit. Then it’s dinner time’ I turn Bo feed on i bolus him, and make dinner..feed is done take it off and flush his tube!! I clean up the kitchen put the dishes away or load the dishwasher clean off the table and clean up the kitchen, switch the laundry around!!!depending on the day , we have practice for either Leksi or Johnny! So we head to practice, come home get ready for bed! I have to give 2-2 year olds s bath, I have to
Take off Bo insulin pump and take off his contact so I can bathe him! Give them a bath,dress them both, put his insulin pump back on, give him his shot in his leg and check his blood sugar! Give them a yogurt, give Bo 5 night meds through his tube, check his sugar and put them to bed!! Then I get to put more laundry away and now I get to rewash the towels that I washed 8 hrs prior! I spend s little reading time with Leksi and Johnny and bed time for them!! So I finally get to have a small conversation with my husband and I shower and go to bed! Usually it’s around 2-3am and I am not kidding for some reason I suck at sleeping!!!!

So you wonder why I am saying this???here is why!!! What I didn’t write,i do so much more then that!! I love my children, take care of my family and my husband…. if,I mean really, IF I forget to call u back for the fucking love of god it’s because I am busy! Not because I don’t care I do, sometimes to much. I am so tired of selfish ass people they are all over the place!! I have no time or do I have the energy for these kind of people! I can’t figure it out either why people are so stupid!’ Believe me I deal with a shit load of stupid people starting with medical stuff!!! So I am more then willing to let anyone I mean anyone come spend a day with me, I promise you will never do it again and maybe just maybe some of these people will realize a hell of a lot! Then again I realize some people are not going to change and that is fine too!! Oh good grief that was a lot! I am typing on my phone and my finger is sore! I hope and I pray that everyone out their realizes one thing and under no circumstances am I throwing a pity party for me or my family, tonight when you tell your wife, husband, daughter, son, mom, dad, partner,friend whom ever good night! Be thankful for what you have it could always be worse!!! I am blessed to be Bo’s-mommy!!! That will be never change and I promise you I will be his biggest fan, his advocate,his support system as all of my kids, until the day that I die!! So when and if you think or wonder what a day is like here? Well there you have it!!! Welcome to my world!!!

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September 27, 2012 - 10:15 pm

Natalie scott - You are my hero. Period.

September 27, 2012 - 10:36 pm

carolyn zeller - Holy crap! I’m exhausted just reading that! Oh and I’m pissed u never called me back. 🙂 hehehe. You definitely do not need me to tell u now amazing u are, but I really wish you could send me some of ur energy at least a little. Love u girl. And keep up kicking ass, make sure to jot down those names tho.

September 27, 2012 - 10:40 pm

Traci - You are an AMAZING woman!

September 27, 2012 - 11:01 pm

Jenny - you are amazing! I don’t read this always, but I pray always!!! keep on keeping on!

September 28, 2012 - 6:50 am

Jessica - I frickin love you! This Sounds very familiar… And to be honest, when I think of You I am humbled. Your backbone is made of steel.

September 28, 2012 - 10:31 am

Cindy Creek - I love you so much Carolyn!! You are my Rock Star!!!! I love you all so much. LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING!!!!!

September 28, 2012 - 10:09 pm

Holly - Thank you for making the time to bring those awesome treats last Halloween. I think you are a wonderful mother.

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