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Funny how the world works!

Last night I had the amazing privilege to meet a women by the name of Jessica Peters. Her daughter Clara is starting the fight of her life today and her big sister was her match! You see Clara has Aplastic Anemia and she needs a bone marrow transplant! She is 5yrs old! Her big sister was a perfect match and today she was checked in and her journey begins! Please follow her journey on Facebook Clara’s crew. I am blogging from my phone and will repost the link to her caring bridge site! Please pray for her that she fights this fight and her amazing family stay strong for her! Please pray that she will return to her life, her friends and doing what 5 yr olds do!! It is so amazing that her big sister was her match what a true blessing, and for her other sister who gets to help her with this fight!

I never in a million years thought I would blog, let alone be blogging about this. As I am sure Jessica feels the same way, she should be getting her 3 children in bed for school tomorrow,instead she is camping out for 6-8 weeks because her daughter is sick! Unfortunately this is our reality, as I sit here watching my 2yr old asleep in the hospital,I can’t help but feel a little sorry for myself and for him!! But that only last a few seconds because I know it could be worse it is worse for many many people!!! That’s why it’s my responsibility as Bo’s mommy, to make sure everyone knows how very much this little boy amazes me every single day! He is so strong!!!! So here is where he stands!!! We are having upper and lower GI done Wednesday, hopefully!!! today he has had a slight fever so only time will tell! We are hoping that his lower intestines are working properly,he has been having a lot of trouble with his stools he goes from having 100 in 3 days to nothing and he gets compacted! We have to figure out what Is going on with his tummy!! We will hopefully have a better day tomorrow and we will have a game plan!! Thank the lord for his port!! Even though it was stressful with his port a few weeks ago, it’s working so good!! He had a few very high blood sugars this morning and low this evening! Which we are hoping doesn’t mean he is getting a virus!! Tomorrow will be better I hope!

Please keep the Peter’s family in your prayers!!!

Lots of Love!



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September 18, 2012 - 6:37 am

Jessica Bentley Peters - Carolyn, it was such a wonderful surprise to get to meet you in person Sunday! Thank you and Bo so very much for making it out there. I wish I could have talked to you all night. I just read this, first overnight at the hospital, and so sweet for you to be thinking of me. I’m so inspired by you, and thankful to have met you, and Bo! Looking forward to staying in touch. – Jessica

September 18, 2012 - 10:06 am

Kaleigh - I will begin my prayers for this family and a strong recovery!

I am so blessed myself to have met the Macon family as they are such amazing people! I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason as life has continued to prove this true to me. My little Bo is one of the strongest kids I know that in any situation he pulls through; he seems to always be smiling! This kiddo reminds me of how important it is to be so thankful for life and everyone in it! Bo will continue to touch many more lives as he continues his journey. The Macans are wonderful people and God has a plan:)

September 18, 2012 - 10:17 am

Amanda Davidson - How precious is our SUPER BO!! Praying for him, you and family. Also I will add the Peter’s to my prayers.

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