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Where do I begin? For the past several weeks we have been working on this bone marrow drive.  I couldn’t sleep last night, I was worried no one would come and all of my amazing family and friends who had given up their whole day was going to be a waste!!!  WELL I was wrong, it was more then I ever dreamed of, it was amazing.  I had the hardest time a while back airing our “dirty laundry” is what I call it, it is really hard to hear myself,when I read the things I write down, BONE MARROW transplant is the word I hate, I hate that it controls us, I hate that Team Kris can’t find a match, I hate that my 2 year old and his Brother and sisters know at the age of 9~11 what a bone marrow transplant is,I HATE THAT my sweet baby boy is sick,I HATE ALL of it.  BUT a day like today makes things seem just a little easier, knowing there were that  many people coming out and willing to donate for  us, for BO…. It is an overwhelming feeling in the best way ever.  The day started like usual we were up and around early, we headed to the school at 8:15 to start setting up, I didn’t even have time to think.  Then Boom 8:45 people were there ready to get swabbed, It was awesome.  We had a total of 162 people added to the list today, a few people couldn’t because of some health issues.  That is so wonderful..I talked to so many people I have not seen in so many years, but they were willing to give up their time and come to help, maybe” BE THE MATCH”! It is the hardest feeling in the world to describe other then grateful. I am so thankful.  The amazing ladies from Be the match, all of the people who donated their time and fun activities to do today all of the wonderful people who volunteered, Thank you!!! John and I appreciate each and everyone of you, and all that you do for us and our family!!  

One Last thing, PLEASE pray for Team Kris she started a very heavy treatment plan this week for the next 6 weeks and she will be fighting like crazy to keep her head above water, PLEASE PRAY for her and her family!!


Lots Of Love..


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August 12, 2012 - 7:32 am

Maggie Westvold - Praying for that match, Carolyn…for Bo…for Team Kris…prayer works!

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