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I spent the evening with Heather, getting her studio ready for tomorrow! I am not sure I will make it through these mini session with dry eyes! I can’ t say it enough how amazing the out pour of support has been its crazy!  Also we are selling t-shirts like crazy I can’t believe how many people have bought one!  We have a super busy week coming up , Bo has a very bad ear infection that is going to require us to see the ENT first thing Monday, followed by the GI Dr. I hope and pray he can make it to Monday!  This is kind of how he works, most kids could get over an ear infection in a few days, Bo can NOT he has been to the Dr twice this week for it and on a VERY strong antibiotic, that he gets through his G tube so I know he is getting all of it.  I am pretty sure his tube fell out of his ear,well It had to, its draining so bad and so much!  It is sad when you can text your Dr and they will call you in Meds for your kid!! SAd BUT it’s also so amazing, the Dr we see( all of the Dr we see) at KU are unbelievable and know exactly the kid Bo is so the first signs of getting sick they are all over it.  It helps so much! Maybe Bo is Missing all of his awesome friends on the Peds floor,  if his ear does not get any better we may be paying them a visit.  We have not been in the hospital for almost 9 weeks! We love summer for that reason right their!!

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July 9, 2012 - 9:40 pm

Kelli Carr - Carolyn: FIrst of all….You have a BEAUTIFUL family! I just read through some of your Blog and how it brought tears to my eyes! Im sending love and Hugs to you and your beautiful family! Keep your head up and stay strong, my friend! If you need ANYTHING please let me know! Love ya girl!

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