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I have said since day one I suck at this! So here I go again! Since the last time I blogged so much has changed it’s crazy!!! So June 10th Bo got his GTube, it has been our life saver! Since June we o has been fighting what they call “Chronic” diariaha? So we have seen a new Gi Dr at KU who is amazing and Genetics also at KU and this work was thrown out a lot! IPEX SYNDROME (a rare genetic disorder) so rare we would have to see a Dr in Washington St! So ON Halloween we have this 2,050 blood test taken that insurance wont cover of course! We will find out on Dec 5th. I have been going back and fourth with this is it is it not!! If you go to and click on reviews it will tell you more. We also just met with Immunology and found out that Bo also has IGA deficiency. Which means his immune system well he has none! Hints why we have spent so much time in the hospital. I have said to myself I need to blog but honesty I was not ready to put all of it into words! I am not sure why! That’s just half of all of the things going on in his little body!
Brooklynn is a rock star talking so much she is such a character so funny! Leksi and Johnnny are ready for Thanksgiving break they are both trucking right along with school. It’s hard to believe Christmas in in 5 weeks where has this year gone? Hell When the Twins were in the NICU i thought it would be the longest 3 months of my life but here we are! Crazy!I am looking forward to a Great Thanksgiving and trying to keep my mind off of DEC 5? The closer it gets the more nervous I get!

I am trying to talk my husband in to taking me on a Date sat, to see Breaking Dawn! I don’t think he is going for it! I can’t lie I am super excited to see it! Even though the books are always better!

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