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It’s offical school is out! WOW! were did the year go? Leksi Is 10, yes 10 she is going to be in 5th grade, I don’t even know what to say about that. She is such an amzing daughter I could watch her and Johnny all day with B&B, they are so good with them! JOhnny is going to be in 3rd grade and we are in full swing with baseball, I don’t mind it at all I love speding my evenings and weekends at the ballfield! I love watching Johnny play he is pretty good!( i may be a little bias)I am in my 2nd week of not having Brody and is been hard to adjust, Brooklynn Misses him alot sometimes I will see her looking around and I know she is trying to figure out where her B is? Brody misses her too who is he going to chase around trying to kiss! LOL! We have a busy few weeks ahead, I am having surgery tomorrow June 1st to have some issues taken care of, I am having an eblasion done and I am pretty excited about it. Mr BO is getting his G Tube Next friday the 10th part of me is ready for it and part of me is terrified, I mean it is surgery! I know in my gut this is the right thing to do he has to start putting on some weight. I know this isn’t going to fix all of his problems but I am hoping it is the answer to a few things. We are going to start a new therapy group next week and for the summer we will have a new therapist I hope Bo adjusts to this? He Loves Shannon and we will not have her until the fall but she will be our group teacher so at least he will get to see her. All in all we are on the right track I hope I will keep you posted on Mr BO!!

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