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1 surgery down 1 surgery to go!

So Today I had my Ablation, got to the hospital around 6:30 and home by 11. I was in some serious pain for a bit. I guess i was expecting it to be a piece if cake, I am not one to lay around I am just not a lay around kind of girl! But today I laid around it was like a mini vacation! My amazing Husband was fantastic he took such good care of me, he is so sweet(when he wants to be);) he clearly didn’t like to see me in pain or upset so he tried what ever he could to help. My in laws kept the babies all day and they will have them tomorrow too so I can get some rest, I am so grateful that they are happy to have them for 12 hours at a time considering Bo isn’t the easiest to handle he is very moody but my father in law tends to walk where ever Bo wants and has a lot of his attention My mother in law too I guess that’s the benefit if being a grandparent. He wont sleep in a pack in play, so his Wonderful Big sister rocked him to sleep I will put a pic up of that I am sure my father in law took one. So we are a busy surgery family, today was mine and Next Friday June 10th Bo will be getting his G Tube. We have tried everything we can to avoid this but it just isn’t happening. This is the best thing for him, even though I am stressing and so is John about our little guy having surgery but if this can help even a little it will be well worth it. So our Summer is off to a very busy start. I am hoping to be able to take The big kids and Brookie to the pool soon I am excited for that, Bo will have to stay with my in laws he is not a fan of the water, even though he swims once a week in therapy I have to swim with him. Plus I have to take his pump off and the heat makes his sugar crazy so we wont chance it.

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