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I swear!

I swear I think about blogging everyday I just don’t do it! So here it is 11:55pm May 19, My lovely anniversary! 11 years wow! After these last 18 nmonths John and I can do anything! We are a pretty good team, we have to be considering! Yesterday was Leksi 10th B~Day 10! It can’t be she is 10? Let me tell you a little about Miss Leksi Marie Macan, She came into this world May 18 2001 at a wopping 6.4on 19 in long! After being on bed rest for 7 LONG months My water broke at home at 3:30 am Lisa and Christy were in Florida for Nationals! My beautiful, amazing,caring,smart Baby girl was born at 6:41 am and she was perfect! She truly has made being a mom so easy, she is the best big sister johnny, Brooklynn and Bo are so lucky to have her! She is so much help I can’t even begin to tell you! I do not even know where 10 years has gone she is going to be in 5th grade! YIKES!!! We are going next weekend with one of her friends and my sisters shopping then to the melting pot for dessert! I am excited about that! Not only did Leksi turn 10, Brody turned 1. Where has this year gone happy Birthday B MeMe Loves you! There is only 4 days of school left, I have to say I am not sad about that. I am ready to just hang out,no more homework whoo~Hoo!!! Leksi is in Girls on the run she has been working for the past 8 weeks 2 days a week running and now the 5k is finally here Saturday Leksi Me and Christy along with some others we will be running our butts off rain or shine! I am super excited, I hope I can keep up with her;)I will keep you posted!

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