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Good Grief!

So It has been a crazy few weeks! I am sure I have started off saying that a billion times. WE got out Appt moved way up since Bo didn’t do well on his swallow study so On March 22nd WE met with the GI Dr. He was great he explained everything so well, John felt much better leaving there. WE went the 23rd for an upper GI and WE go Tuesday the 5th for His Ph Study and some other test they willo also do while he is under. WE will have to stay the nigth and hope his sugar stays where it needs to be? Once the PH study is done we will then learn if he needs to have a stomach surgery at the same time as his G tube? THe Ph study will see if he is refluxing and if so how bad? I am pretty sure he has pretty bad reflux his teeth are turning a light brown color and they think its from the acid! AWESOME! But on a posative note He signed thank you a few times actually, It was so cute and he even did it in therapy so I was not the only one who saw it? Brooklynn Is a show off and can sign all kinds of things,Thank you, more, please. ITs so cute It is so funny to Brooklynn is so funny she has the funniest faces ever! LEksi IS doing Girls on the run and she really enjoys it she will run her rist 5k on May 21st we will do it togehter! JOhnny is playing Baseball he likes it alot I cant wait to watch him. I oftern wonder if he will be as competative as his Dad??

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