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So we are now a week into having a pump and let me tell you, other then the maintenance for me and John it is going so great! Amazing sugars all day long. Guess what else I get to do? Sleep through the night for the first time since the babies have been home REALLY the first time! They said I do not have to check his sugar at 2am anymore? What? Really? I did the first 4 nights because I was just worried what if his sugar gets too low? Well on top of all of this Poor Bo is sick well he has been sick with a cough for ever since Halloween. 4 rounds of antibiotics, steroids breathing treatments you name it we have done it! SO yesterday we go get our synagist shot and we had a little pow wow and the Dr’s feels like since he has been sick for so long it was time to do something else? I said OK Like what? They think it is time for Bo to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis! I of course immediately ask Why, What for what do you mean??? I also Know exactly what this is and I can handle a hell of a lot of stuff and have for 14months of Bo and Brooklyn’s Life but I sure was not ready for that. One of my Clients and friends gave her nephew a kidney 3 years ago because he has it and his life expectancy is not like ours. Yes he is doing very well but he is also very sick. The test is called a Sodium chloride test we have to do it down town tomorrow the 7Th at 10am.

The test is done, Now well we wait! UGH~ he did a great job No we wait!!!!

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