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It’s Pump Time!

So we are getting a pump! WE are getting a Animus one touch ping! Its on order we of course have to wait for Insurance to go through OF COURSE!! Good grief really what is the point of insurance. PLus Monday we are getting tubes, most kids it would be a short and sweet procedure Not Bo we have to go to Children’s downtown and they had to do a stress test on HIm Thusday and a physical to make sure he can handle being put under. Since he has diabetes we have to do an IV he has to stay in recovery longer and they will monitor his breathing, sometimes if your sugar is high or low you can get this rapid breathing and you get flush. I can pretty much feel Bo’s skin and know weather or not his sugar is high. It is also a challenge since he has to fast not good for him so we have to get him up at 1:45am to eat, he could have clear liquids from 2-430 but he can’t have water at least not a lot and pedyialyte and apple juice will cause his sugar to be high if it’s high when we get there they will not do it! Let me tell u he needs tubes he has been sick really since Oct 29 he has been on antibiots now the 3rd round and its 21 days!! Ugh~ It’s crazy how diabetes can affect every single aspect of your life Bo catching a cold causes his sugar to go crazy its so weird how that happens! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving yes a little sad since we had Megans funeral Friday But so much to be thankful for!

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