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So I didn’t mean to post that last one until I was finished. I told you I sucked at this! This week is Thanksgiving can you believe it? Some sad news Megan Passed away yesterday Monday Nov 22, As I am so thankful she is out of pain it was really hard seeing her in so much pain. My heart aches for her 3 children and her husband. It is hard enough losing a loved one but the week of thanksgiving ugh~ They will still celebrate as a family Thanksgiving we are making them a feast where they can sit as a family and enjoy each other and celebrate Megan’s life. Then Friday we will Have her funeral and again celebrate her life, she will be missed and I pray her family gets through such a difficult time! We are all well we are gearing up for the holidays and I am so excited to cook with the girls Wed evening. Leksi is really excited also. MR BO is being a pain lOL.. He still has a double ear infection which makes his sugar CRAZY which makes us up his insulin then add a humalog. SO now he is getting Insulin after each meal so he is getting stuck at least 3 times a day from insulin and 1 with is growth hormone!! UGH I hate that I am pretty sure we will move to a pump come Jan 1 after we get some tubes and a healthier little man. So all in all we are well I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I swear I will figure out Pics soon I just need to take the time to do it!9I have so much free time):)

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