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It’s Birthday day!!!

I can’t even explain my emotions right now! As i sit here at 10:10 pm the day before the babies turn 1 it’s so bitter sweet , it has been the longest year of our lives but the fastest! Last year at this time I was laying in bed with the highest blood pressure ever imaginable and here we are 1 year later! I do have some updates as far as Bo goes, he got a cold which is a bad thing when you have diabetes everything in the world has sugar in it and the Dr all they care about is keeping him hydrated well his sugar went up to 299 so on Monday we started insulin it actually has made a world of difference maybe just maybe we will be good for a while! We also met with the Rehab Dr on Monday, this has been a long time coming also we have had this appt since April 5Th yes April. So he came in and did all kinds of things and of course wants to do WAY more so we will start all of that next week! Starting with some muscle test, they know something is going on with him they just have to figure out what which also leads us to getting genetic tested we will have that done in a few weeks also! Leksi and Johnny had their Halloween parties today they were great, the babies were a hit in there costumes. We are having the babies bday party on Sat I am so excited for that! Also I was approached by one of the ladies who works for SMMC and they have asked me to give a speech at the Tiny Tim fundraiser which benefits the SMMC NICU and the Lee Ann Britain developmental center, at first I was like OH NO there is no way I could do that but the more I though about it the more I thought how can I NOT do this? I spent 56 days there and they saved my children’s lives so On Nov 7 I am giving a speech(in front of 1000 people) Lord knows if I will be able to get through it without crying but it will be my chance to say thank you, thank you for everything! If any of you know me you know that I am SO not a person who will just get up and speak so I am trying to prepare myself for it. One of the nurses who took care of B&B so many days at least 25 days she will be there and I am at least excited about that, that she and everyone else who had the babies can hear me and know how very important they are to me! On that note I should really go to bed It is a big day tomorrow my babies will be 1!!! Leksi and Johnny do not have school either I am excited they will get to hang out with them all day!! What a year what a year!!!!

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November 4, 2010 - 5:27 pm

Rubydotlarue - Carolyn, what a year is right! You are an AMAZING mom and a wonderful friend! You are strong and you will get through this journey with your head held high! You have so much to be thankful for. I think it's awesome that you are going to be speaking to 1,000 people and telling your story! You will do GREAT!! Just be yourself! Let me know how it goes! Hope the party was a HUGE SUCCESS!

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