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So I finally had the courage to let other people look at my blog and it has been pretty good! So I should be better about posting! SO Last Wednesday we head to see Dr Santiago the Endocrinologist we kind of got our plan in to action as far as his growth hormone goes. We stared that on Sunday it was pretty easy now we just have to remember to give it to him every single night at 8 for, well forever! But while we were there some blood work came back bad! YEP bad, so they think or well they are pretty sure Bo has type 1 Diabetes YEP! So my brain is on complete over load researching online about it, well only 1% of babies the age that Bo is has Type 1 so it has been pretty challenging as far as that goes. We had a glucose monitor inserted into his tiny right Butt cheek On Tuesday the 5Th of Oct and low and behold it came out this morning! Awesome! we will go back tomorrow and try again. The problem with this is he Pees so much most kids with diabetes does, so we will have to have them put it in his tummy. This is just temporary it will check his sugar 288 times a day so we will know when it is low and when it is high! So when it is high depending on how high we will know weather or not he will need insulin! So that is where we stand! As I sit here I cant even begin to tell you how crazy it is that the babies are going to be 1 in 22 days! It doesn’t seem possible yet it has been the longest year of my life! lol!! Leksi went to the 1 room school house yesterday for school and loved it she dressed up in a long dress with a bonnet and an apron she looked so cute! JOhnny finally has a super front top loose tooth should be coming out any time!

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