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YEP!! we got the word forsure yesterday that Bo does have type 1 Diabetes! I was at the Dr forever so much to go over so much to figure out. I turned in his glucose monitor on Monday morning, they called and said come in on Monday the 18 that should give them time to up load all of the information and they will h ave everything ready by then! Well Monday late afternoon evening I got a call saying Dr Santiago wanted us to come in Wednesday! I knew what she was going to say, so I wasn’t that shocked yet I was very shocked! The Nurse took Bo out of the room so her and I could talk and 10 min into our conversation I could feel myself not listening like I couldn’t comprehend what she was telling me? I was pretty much felling sorry for myself and for Bo. This is going to affect him for the rest of his life and Mine. Not only that thier is a 70% chance of Brooklynn also having it!~ WHAT?? at that point The Dr looked at me and said your handaling this very well. I laughed and said well what else am i supposed to do? SO we meet with the Nutrisonist and the Diabetes specialist in Tuesday and we will know more, as of right now we think we they are going to put him on the insulin pump, for 1) its just easier then giving him shots everyday 2)its easier to monitor. That is the plan as of right now, its so weird I was totally feeling sorry for myself yesterday JOhn is out of town and my brain was on OVER LOAD! So i put all the kids to bed last night and took a LONG hot shower and cried my eyes out then I was so upset with myself becasue I felt like the most selfish person in the world because it could always be worse. I promised myself to day to have a diffret attitude, sometimes it’s so hard all of the stuff that Bo has been through in his tinly little life sometimes gets so frustrationg to watch him do it all! He is a fighter he has been since his 2lb body came into this world he has been fighting ever since! I am releved to finally have some answers and hopefully we can move forward and he will start gaining some weight and get stronger! I will keep you updated as far as the rest goes when he gets his pump! OH I have this AMAZING FRIEND she made the babies B~Day invites and let me tell you I totally cried today when she sent them to me, its so hard to believe the year we have had and how far the both have come. In just a few shorts weeks the Babies will be 1 and I just can’t believe it!!

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