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Here we go again

So Monday June 21st we have our usual 11am Ot appt! Well today didn’t go like normal, she wanted us to see the PT the next day ok!! So next day Tuesday we go to PT and again some concerns the want us to go see the pediatrician. So Today we go see the Dr at 10:45 and we got the words CEREBRAL PALSY!! OK so as I am sitting their and this is not a new word for us we have known all along that it was a possibility 1)I had super duper Pre~Eclamsia almost E~clamsia,2)I have a blood disease that affects my placenta 3)had a biopsy of the baby B (BO) placenta it was bad! Plus all of the other things that came with having 30 week 2 lb babies. SO here we are!

I Started this post back in June and just now getting to it ugh! since this day we have seen the Neurologist and have moved to a different facility to do PT OT and Group therapy! Which by the way is AMAZING, the people we have met are amazing and have made my life so much easier! We still are not 100% on a diagnosis of CP, Yes they still think he has it among other things he is a very “stressed” baby partly for being a 30 week preemie and having a rough go of it his first 50 days of life!

This is a Pic of My little man before he was about to get his MRI! He was a champ, he always is he loves all of his theapist and Dr he sees! I think it’s becasue he sees so many people he dosen’t really know a stranger, Not sure if this is bad or good! Now Miss Brooklynn on the other had is a rock star she gets around like crazy, and is just so busy! BUT she still has no teeth! Soon soon very soon I hope! Leksi and Johnny are back to school and Loving it! It’s hard for me to believe they are in 4th and 2nd grade~sigh~ Lets home Lekis’s love for school and learning rubs off on Johnny! This is a pic of Leksi and Johnnys 1st day of school!

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